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Released : December 17, 2004
Genre : Drama 
Starcast : 
Shahrukh Khan,Gayatri Joshi. 
Desc :
Set in modern day India, Swades is a film that tackles the issues facing the citizens of this nation on the grass root level. The India of Swades is colorful, heterogeneous and complex, and it is to this environment that Mohan Bhagava (Shah Rukh Khan), a bright young scientist working as a Project Manager in NASA, returns to on a quest to find his childhood nanny.
What begins as a simple mission prompted by nostalgia and affection turns into a journey into the heartland of rural India, both literally and metaphorically. Mohan finds his nanny, Kaveriamma (Kishori Ballal), the symbol to him of motherhood and family, living in a village called Charanpur with an admirable young woman, Gita (Debut - Gayatri Joshi), and her young brother, Chikku.
The village is peoples with a variety of life and the age-old system dictates profession and status. Mohan begins to interact with the Panchayat, the body of local self-governance, which has at the helm the dogmatic but just village chief, and others like the outspoken friend of Kaveriamma's, Fatimabi.
Along the way, he encounters the quirkily but endearing Mela Ram (Dayashankar Pandey), an aspirant of the restaurant business, who sees Mohan as his ticket to the chain of restaurants he will start on the American freeways. Mohan befriends the local Postmaster Nivaran (Rajesh Vivek), stuck to his old fashioned ways, and the village children, whose future is inextricably linked with that of the country.
Soon, Mohan finally realizes that it is his scientific temperament as well as his understanding of societal complexities that can drive the villagers to participate in a movement to better their lives. The film uses the contrast between the highly developed world of NASA, which has been at the forefront of advances un space research, and this world back home in India, which is at the crossroads of development.
Mohan's simple quest becomes the journey that every one of us goes through in search of that metaphysical and elusive place called 'home'. 

Duration : 2 hrs. 41 min
Size :224 MB
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